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How To Ethically STEAL Traffic From Any Competing Site To Your Site And Capture their Customers and Sales...even if you've tried other traffic courses and failed before.

Stupid Easy Traffic is for YOU if you've tried to get traffic to your site before and failed -- even miserably. Even if you don't have a site of your own yet, we'll show you how to create one in just minutes, and get traffic to your new site within days of starting.


Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought to yourself "Wow, all those people are making all those thousands or millions of dollars online...and my site earns me NOTHING but headaches?"

Be honest with me here.

...Have you ever been told "You can make a fortune online! Put up a cool website, and the world will beat a path to your door?" only to find that they flat out lied to you?

...Have you ever put up a website, thinking to yourself "EVERYONE is going to want what I've got here!" only to find out that no one even knows that the site exists?

...Have you ever bought a traffic course that you were told was EASY, only to discover that you had to be a technical genius to understand it...and an engineer to get it done?

...Have you ever done EVERYTHING that someone said you should do to get traffic to your site, only to find that none of it actually worked?

If you are like me when I first started online, you've had these problems and MORE.

And what's the worst part about these problems?

It's not just that you wasted your valuable time on them. It's not that you wasted your money on them. It's not even that you have to face all of the "I told you so" people in your life who said you'd never make any money online.

No...It's facing YOURSELF, because you feel duped, fooled and embarassed.

Oh, and the fact that your site isn't making any money is pretty darn bad, too. Even critical.

Why is Traffic So Hard?

The truth of the matter is that you CAN make tens of thousands of dollars online within your first year -- and even millions, depending on what you sell.

So after spending several years myself trying to get traffic...and failing, I started to wonder myself...

Why is traffic so hard for most people? Why is traffic so hard for ME?

Is that your question, too?

I mean, it's hard enough for most people just to put up a website. Or to write an ebook. Or to build a list. Or to get your shopping cart all connected to everything.

But now, to do all of that work and to get skunked on traffic -- to have no one come to this fantastic site that you've made -- it's heartbreaking. And so the question that kept coming up for me was "Why is it so hard to deal with this particular topic?"

Well, one of the answers that I discovered was pretty intriguing. And I think that it might actually be something that will help you with your traffic, too.

The Big "Ah Ha!" That
Changed Everything for Me

The answer that I'm about to tell you about is simple....but it took me a LONG time to figure it out. So take this hard earned wisdom, from one friend to another.

When I started to try to get traffic, I thought that if I read everything I could find on traffic -- and did absolutely everything that everyone told me to do -- I'd be sure to succeed.

I read all about exchanging links with other people, three-way link exchanges, traffic clubs, search engine optimization, blog commenting. banner advertising, Google AdWords, e-zine advertising, e-mail signatures, e-mail spamming, forum spamming, blog spamming, weekly blog posting, daily blog posting, Web 2 strategies, Web 3 strategies, YouTube traffic, co-op list traffic, thank-you page traffic...and on and on and on.

Not only were there so many traffic methods to choose from, but some of them required you to be a computer scientist, some took too long, and some plain old just didn't work.

I thought I was being 'smart' by trying to do everything possible.

I tried one thing after another, and I got a little traffic here, and a little traffic there.

But it was barely a trickle .


The real Ah-Ha! moment came for me when I had a simple realization.

Oil wells are drilled a mile deep and a few inches wide, not the other way around.

I had been going about this Traffic thing all wrong.

Keeping Traffic Simple

It's not the traffic methods that were a problem. It's not that they were too hard. And it was not that I wasn't doing enough of them.

The problem was that I was too easily manipulated by all of the "free" online traffic and business-building information that I'd been reading, and brainwashed into thinking that I had to DO IT ALL to HAVE IT ALL.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am going to share MY list of business focus strategies with you. Read through these, and see if this makes sense to you...

1. Being everything to everybody

There's plenty of time to do it all and have it all...later.

Right now, you need to DO ONE THING and GET ONE THING, and that's it.

And doing one thing is far easier, simpler, and less stressful than doing many things all at once.

You also have a greater shot at extreme success...

...FedEx started as Overnight shipping only. Today, you can ship anything in any time frame with them, make copies, and event rent computers.

...Amazon started as a book store only. Today, they've got more products than Wal Mart.

...Disney started as an animator. Now his company owns amusement parks, movie studios, and TV Networks (and a segment of your childrens' minds)

And can you believe...

...Ebay started by selling Pez candy dispensers. That's IT!

So if you want to attract traffic to your online business, you need to have a laser-focused idea of who you want to serve, and direct all of your marketing -- 100% of it -- to that very narrow segment of people.

If you're going after "all men" or "people who drive cars", let me give you some advice that will save you years of toil and heartache, and thousands of dollars: STOP NOW.

You've got to market to far too many people for your efforts to make a dent, and for it to be worth your while or your money.

Narrow your target to exactly who you want to serve FIRST. The rest will follow.

Start sharp, like a knife. You can cut a deeper path that way.

2. Making Simple Things Hard

I'm probably a lot like you. We tend to make things far harder than they need to be, or we just think that they're hard (and so they become hard).

Like Traffic.

Look, here's how search engines work.

  1. You get points for every link that goes to your pages.
  2. You get points for having a site about your topic, and for making it VERY easy for search engines to figure out what your page is about.

Yeah, there are details. But that's it, in a nutshell.

When you get more points, you rank higher for your keywords.

Your job is to get more points. Simple, right?

So why do people like you and me think that it's so hard?

It's hard to tell. I think it's because we try to justify our past failures that way.

"Oh, well SEO is just too darned hard. It's VERY complicated, you know."

Well, it isn't.

3. You Work Too Hard

Most of us don't realize when we do this, but we all fall victim to it sometimes.

Maybe it's just this crazy world we live in, but we tend to try to do too many things at once.

At home, you might watch TV while you brush your teeth. And you talk on your cell phone and check your hair while you're driving on the freeway. Or you check business email when you're trying to relax with friends.

And with traffic, you try to get all kinds of traffic all at once.

Stop it! It's STRESSFUL.

Not only does it make your work harder each day, it wastes time as you switch from one task to another. And worse than that, you'll end up with lots of little 6-inch deep wells all over your business, none of them deep enough to draw any oil.

Be careful. Work on one thing at a time. Get good at it. Get GREAT at it.

Then, when it's fun and working for you, move on to the next thing.

4. Don't Reinvent the Wheel (or the blog)

When it comes to online marketing, there are some very smart trendsetters out there.

DON'T be one of them.

You have a far FAR greater chance of success if you follow in the steps of someone who has succeeded already, than to try to forge a new path.

Look, I understand you. I'm a lot like you. We think we're smarter than THEY are.

And you're right. You are.

But there are plenty of pretty average people out there making a LOT of money online.

They walk this path every day. They attract millions of visitors and make boatloads of money.

You think you can do better by being clever, or smart, or tricky?


Just follow the path.

We already know where it goes.

5. Knowing is Not The Same As Doing

You might not realize this yet, but this is a big trap.

For example, you think you know what you need to do for traffic.

That may be true.


I'm guessing that your honest answer is "No."

And that's why we're talking here.

Knowing that you should put up a blog is not the same as having one.

THINKING that it's hard to write in your blog every day is no excuse for having NO traffic.

(The truth is that it's EASY to write in your blog -- even every day -- when you know the tricks to reusing your content properly.)

Here's something else that might strike closer to home for you. The first question is easy to answer. The second one is harder.

  1. Have you ever invested in an ebook or course to teach you some part of Internet Marketing?
  2. Did you finish the course and do everything it said to do?

Look, it's possible that they sold you the wrong thing.

Maybe the course was too technical for you (some SEO courses can be that way). Maybe the information was wrong or outdated. Maybe it was taught by people who didn't know what they were doing.

Okay, so if any of those were the case, then you can forgive yourself. It's not your fault.

But if you didn't finish the course because you thought you knew enough already, then where are your results?

Ouch. That stings.

It's time for you to have real results.

The REAL REASON Why Some People Will
Always Fail with Traffic --
And What To Do About It...

If you've ever been to an Internet Marketing seminar, I am going to shine some light on something for you that is usually kept secret.

At many of these events, the speakers come to educate you on their method for making millions online. They'll give you some very real, very actionable information -- enough to know if their particular solution for your online business is the one you need, and to take home and get started.

But their teaching time is limited. They don't have time to teach you everything.

So at the end of each of these sessions, you're usually given an opportunity to purchase "continuing education" from that speaker. These opportunities are usually filled with good information. Follow the steps that your teacher prescribes, and you'll usually do very well.

A lot of very successful online entrepreneurs have been created this way.

I am one of them.

But now, when I go to these things, I sit in the back with my friends -- usually the speakers themselves -- and we watch the people in the room. We notice who does what.

We notice that some people are very attentive to the speakers. They are very thoughtful about their decisions. And they choose one and only one continuing education opportunity.

And we notice that some people buy more than one. In fact, some buy three or four "online wealth building systems" -- and spend upwards of ten thousand dollars in a weekend.

And you know what we say?


They are going to fail because of two reaasons.

  1. They are going to try to focus on everything.
  2. They'll end up doing nothing.

If you are like these people, you will never ever find success online. And there's a good chance you won't find it elsewhere either.

The only way to make money by spreading yourself around thin is by buying lotsa tickets in the lottery.

And those odds suck.

Pick ONE path, and stick to it.

You know where it leads.

Your Missing Link to
Traffic Success...

What I'm about to say may surprise you...

I think you ALREADY KNOW far more than the average person about how to get traffic to your site.

In fact, you probably know about as much as those people who are already making a living online.

You know that you need to "optimize" your site for the search engines, and you need links that point to your site from other sites in your area.

You know the "WHAT" to do.

But you also know that the problem is bigger than that. Beyond knowing WHAT to do, you need to know the HOW to do it.

And you know, down deep inside, that if you can just get the "HOW" handled, and get these simple tasks DONE, you'd be on your way.


And I think you realize by now that this isn't going to happen by itself.

The links aren't going to magically build themselves. The traffic isn't just going to show up. The sales aren't just going to roll in...

...unless you do something different than you have done in the past.

And sadly, most people will never do the right things to become successful online, and go for years -- maybe their entire lives -- without ever actually having the online success they deserve.

I'll say that again:

Most people will never do the right things to become successful online, and go their entire lives without eer actually having the online success they deserve.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way for YOU.

How to Smash Through
"Google Oppression" and get
the Traffic You Deserve

You've probably noticed that there are tens of thousands of listings in Google for the keywords you want to rank highest for. And you've probably noticed the same 10 listings in the top 10 for a long, long time.

It's like they've got some unfair advantage that'd be impossible to crack through.

And the rest of us...everyone else who wants to break's like we're being oppressed by Google and the Status Quo in a conspiracy to keep you out of the top 10.

Well, that used to be the case.

Google had always ranked old links and old websites higher than an equivalent new website with newer links. But that's not how it is any more.

Things are changing on the web, and things are changing at Google.

You've heard of "Web 2.0" websites, right?

Web 2.0 sites are a newer kind of website that is designed so that the users of the site create the content of the site. That's what Facebook and Squidoo and Twitter are all about.

All the users make the content. The sites themselves make almost none by comparison.

Blogs are Web 2.0 sites, too.

You, as the owner make the site. But other people can comment and add content.

And do you know what's at the top of a blog? It's the most important content at the top of a blog.


It's the new content that people are most likely to search for. And that's why Google no longer penalizes new content. In fact, for some topics, Google actually prefers new content to old, potentially stale content.

Do you realize what that means?

It means that...

The Doors at Google are Open.
Are You Ready to Walk Through Them?

My friend Dave walks through those doors all the time.

He's got a blog, and he writes in it every day.

Just the other day, he wrote a post that answered the question "How do I create a new event in Facebook?"

I just typed in that question into Google. There are 37 million results for that question.

Dave's blog comes up SECOND, right behind Facebook.

I talk with Dave frequently. He's a good friend. (I'll tell you more about him later.)

The point of his example, though, is that because the way the Internet is changing, it's easier than ever to rank high on Google.

And when you know both the WHAT to do and HOW to do it, you can't help but succeed online.

Bullets go here

So you can see that this program is FULL of current, easy-to-do tactics and strategies that can bring a flood of traffic to your site.

How Can You Know If
This Program Is For You?

If you've got more traffic than you can handle, and as much money as you'll ever need coming into your online business week to week, you may not need this program.

If you're absolutely sure WHAT to do to generate an un-ending river of traffic to your site, and know exactly HOW to do it, then you may not need this program.

If you don't have any nagging questions, issues, or problems about getting one kind of traffic or another, then you may not need this program.

There are some people who just naturally 'get it' about generating traffic. And others just stumble upon the answers by dumb luck. If you're one of those lucky few, then you may not need this program.

On the other hand, maybe things aren't perfect for you right now. There are certain problems that crop up that may never go away...And some that you might have had for a long, long time.

While reading through this list, if you realize that you've experienced any one of these traffic problems, then you may need to enroll in this program immediately...

  • If you regularly stay up late at night working on your online business that was supposed to give you a higher quality of life...

  • If you're frustrated by all of the dead ends you've bumped into already...

  • If you've been betrayed by unkept promises for more traffic...

  • If you've built a site and thought that traffic would automatically find you, but it hasn't...

  • If you tried a "free" traffic course in the past, but still ended up with zero traffic once it was over...

  • If you tried a paid traffic course in the past but didn't ever earn as much from your website as you paid for the course...

  • If you tried to follow some "expert's" instructions for how to generate traffic, but realized ten minutes into the course that it was designed for a technical expert, and you had absolutely NO idea what they were talking about...

  • If you have worked at your online business for months or years (or forever) but still have nothing more than a trickle of traffic and NO sales...

  • If you thought that conversion was your problem, but after fixing that you STILL have no sales...

  • If you logged into Google's webmaster tools and didn't know how to do the techie things it told you to do...

  • If you complain about your traffic, but never bothered to set up a statistics program to see how much traffic you're really getting...

  • If you bought a tool that promised "instant traffic without effort"...

  • If you paid a Search Engine Optimization firm for a "guaranteed top 10 ranking" for your keywords...

  • If you hired your niece or nephew to update your website and get traffic for you...

  • If you tried email spam "just this once" to see if it might help...

  • If you spammed someone else's blog just to get traffic to your own blog...

  • If you paid for links on other sites...

  • If you bought links on eBay...

  • If you find yourself working harder at your online business than you ever did at your day job

  • If you absolutely, positively are committed to making your online business work...

The bottom line is this:

I don't need to tell you whether or not you need the results that this program will help you generate. If you need it, you already know it.

There is a VERY good chance that this program contains THE KEY you have been looking for to finally have the traffic that your online business -- and YOU -- deserve. And I want you to have it...

Why This Program Is
Very Different From
Every Other Traffic Solution
You've Ever Seen

Before you decide whether or not this program is for you...I want to tell you why it's DIFFERENT from everything else that's ever been created about Internet Traffic.

Reason #1: This program is LIVE and Interactive.

It's common knowledge that the best way to learn is interactively. That's why it's such a mystery that so many other traffic solutions are either static ebooks, or glossy powerpoint presentations. Learning like this is harder, and the least effective way to remember anything-- no matter how "correct" the information is.

This course is a WEBINAR. That means you'll be able to follow along and actually SEE what we're doing every step of the way. And because it's a LIVE course, you can ask questions during the course and actually influence what we cover week to week.

Our goal is to get as CLOSE TO YOU as we can, not keep our distance.

Reason #2: This program is all about one thing: Results

There's no more certain way to bore someone to tears -- and to guarantee their failure -- than to stuff a course with concepts and theory and leave out any action. This course is all about action, and the results that you'll get from that action.

That's why each of our main webinar sessions, we'll spend a little bit of time explaining what we'll be doing. Then we'll explain HOW it works. But the bulk of our time is actually SHOWING YOU how to do it! And you'll be able to follow along with your own site at the very same time.

Reason #3: This program is not ONE person's opinion about how Internet Traffic is generated.

I've recruited world-class faculty for each and every topic we'll be covering. Dave Taylor, who I mentioned earlier, is the author of over 30 books on blogging, technology, and the internet. And just a couple of years ago he started his blog which often outranks a manufacturer's website for common tech support questions.

Dave is joined by 5 other experts in Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing, Web 2.0 Strategies, Google Adwords and Web PR.

Reason #4: The program is run by a teacher who knows what it's like to be a student.

Have you ever had a teacher who didn't give you the WHOLE story? Have you ever had a teacher who thought you understood every new word she threw at you -- and made you feel like you were the ONLY ONE who was clueless?

It's just not right. New learners deserve better.

Although I'm an expert at some things, I'm still a student in others. And I'll confess something to you...I get FRUSTRATED when my teachers give me only half the story, and don't follow through. I had that experience recently, and it's FRESH on my mind. So I'll make sure that EVERYTHING is explained to you, and give you an easy and respectable way to ask questions if something passes you by.

Reason #5: This program is about YOU and YOUR business.

You've never seen this before...

Each session, we're going to pick a volunteer from the class and work on that kind of traffic for that person. In other words, we'll be starting from scratch while our expert faculty helps that person LIVE on the call learn exactly how to generate this kind of traffic.

We'll select volunteers whose sites will be the best examples for the course for that kind of traffic.

And YES, YOU can volunteer. That means by the end of the session, your work is already done!

Reason #6: We'll be holding your hand the whole way.

I'm not about to let you out on your own after the webinar is over. Nope. Two days after each session, we're going to have a "Gettin' it Done" session. During these extra LIVE webinar sessions, you can submit your own work-in-progress to me, and I'll review it on the screen for everyone to see.

That means we can go through your articles, your press releases, your Web 2.0 pages -- ANYTHING that is part of the coursework. And you don't have to be present to submit your stuff -- Just send it in and we'll review it during the course.

Whtat's the point of these sessions? To make sure you're on the right track, and to help you "GET IT DONE!"

Here's What You're Going to Get...

Each week features a 90 minute webinar session on each traffic method we're covering, taught by me and your Traffic Expert for that type of traffic...including:

Nathan Anderson is globally known as a top expert on SEO, and is the Founder of the SEO Club. Nathan turns the tables on the search engines because HE spiders THEM to discover EXACTLY what works. You get Nathan in Stupid Easy Traffic.

Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson,
SEO Expert

Jeff Herring is known worldwide as the number one authority on Article Marketing , and he'll reveal how to come up with a compelling topic, even if you've got absolutely no idea what to write about -- and then how to write a quality article the quick and easy way -- in just minutes -- so it's fun for you and drives targeted BUYING traffic back to your site.

Jeff Herring and his steps to quick-and-easy articles are yours in Stupid Easy Traffic.

Jeff Herring
Jeff Herring, The
Article Marketing Guy

Marc Harty, the creator of the PR Traffic System, is going to show you step by step how to get your web press release to show up automatically at the top of a google search, in thousands of email boxes, and automatically sneak right onto your prospect's desktop, just begging to be clicked.

PR links are high quality links, and they last forever!

(Pssst! Press Releases are how your story can be picked up by a major magazine, newspaper, radio or TV show. How much traffic do you think a TV appearance would drive to your site? You get Marc Harty and his PR Secrets made easy in Stupid Easy Traffic.)

Marc Harty

Marc Harty,
Secrets of PR Traffic

Howie Schwartz is THE top Web 2.0 and Social Media marketing expert.

This might be hard to believe, but Howie regularly grabs 50 to 60 of the top 100 spots on Google for keywords he wants, and he'll share his secrets and show you exactly what to do, in Stupid Easy Traffic.

Howie Schartz

Howie Schwartz,
Dominates Google

Search engines LOVE blogs. So do people. Blogs are natural traffic magnets, and almost all of the web 2.0 strategies work better when they're sending traffic to a blog.

There is no better authority on blogging for traffic and dollars than Dave Taylor, the creator of the Blog Smart system, and coordinator of the annual Blog World expo.
Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor,
Blogging (and blog money) Expert

Simon Leung is an Adwords expert who used to actually work at Google, and helped create the Adwords optimization team. Simon has insider information that he'll use to make sure your Adwords account gets started the right way, and gets you targeted traffic from DAY ONE. Lots of it.

Simon Leung
Simon Leung,
Adwords Insider

You'll also get...

  • 90 Minute "Gettin It Done" sessions -- So I can "hold your hand" and review your work. Remember the focus is on getting everything done so that traffic starts flowing to your site ... NOW!

  • Expert Faculty Webinars -- Written Transcripts. Find the information you need, quickly and easily, in these written transcripts.

  • Expert Faculty Webinars -- MP3 Audio Transcripts. Take the course with you anywhere you go on your iPod, in your car. High quality audio-only recordings..

  • Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-profit ebook -- How to use and re-use content, and minimize the time spent on creating content for traffic.

  • Stupid Easy Traffic Directory, Premium Listing -- Have your site listed in this directory. Find and be found by other marketers in your industry who want to trade traffic.

  • Wordpress Blog Installation Video -- Discover how to set up hosting and install a Wordpress blog in just minutes. If you don't have a site yet, you will 10 minutes after watching this video.

  • Wordpress for Marketers Ebook -- Written guide to using Wordpress to attract and drive traffic. Delivered the week of the Blog Traffic sessions.

  • Wordpress for Marketers Techie Guide (made easy) -- Written instructions for installing Wordpress, with extended discussions about adding features to Wordpress with Plugins and themes. Delivered the week of the Blog Traffic sessions.

  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies Webinar -- Affiliate Marketing is a billion dollar business. During this discussion, you'll find out how you can make yourself rich and successful by helping others do the same.
    Special Guest Faculty: Anik Singal, Founder of Affiliate Classroom.

  • Local Traffic Flood using Craigslist Webinar -- Discover how you can drive immediate, FREE traffic to your site using Craigslist. GREAT for local or offline businesses. Special Guest Faculty: Spencer Schmerling, Craigslist Expert.

  • Quick and Easy Video Traffic Tactics -- Google bought Youtube for $1.6 billion for a reason. Learn how you can get more traffic to your site with Video.
    Special Guest Faculty: Anik Singal, Founder of Affiliate Classroom.

  • Copywriting for Adwords -- How to write ads for Google Adwords. Co-authored with the "World's Greatest Copywriting Coach," David Garfinkel. Delivered the week of the Adwords traffic sessions.

  • SEO Finally Made Easy Ebook -- Endorsed by Nathan Anderson, this ebook breaks down SEO into simple strategies that even the beginning marketer can understand. EASY to follow. EASY to do. A Great resource to use during the week of our SEO Sessions with Nathan.

  • Google Analytics for Marketers Ebook -- Beyond installing Google Analytics is a whole world of amazing information. This book guides you through using Analytics to discover the hidden cash in your website. Delivered this week.

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More than once, I've seen online marketers fail because of ONE CRITICAL FACTOR. They fail to understand who their customer is, what pains they suffer from, what pleasures they seek, and why on earth they'd spend any time or money with you.

And because they don't understand their customer well enough (or at all), they choose the wrong keywords, use the wrong domain name, write the wrong ads, and attract the wrong people.

The result? No customers, no traffic, and no business.

If your business is struggling today, it's probably because you don't truly understand who your customer is, and what drives them.

In this session, we'll fix that problem.

Attend this special 90 minute workshop, and we'll dive deep into what motivates people, what will drives them to your site like bees to honey, and what makes them buy.

Do this BEFORE you try to attract even one more person to your website.

This session could make all the difference to you.

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When you join Stupid Easy Traffic, you'll get far more than what you'd get in any online training course you've ever been in or seen -- because "getting results" is built into the program.

It's as close to personal training as you can get.

Here's what you'll receive as part of Stupid Easy Traffic.

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Guarantee #1

You've got a full 30 days to attend the first two sessions of the traffic course. Attend the "Gettin' it Done" (and "Gettin' MORE Done" sessions, if you're in Gold), too.

Money Back GuaranteeIf I haven't made it simple enough, and put just about everything into plain English so you can understand it easily, follow along, and start driving traffic to your own site, then by all means, I insist you ask for your money back. Your request will be handled promptly and easily.

Guarantee #2

If you do the coursework in a timely manner, and follow the recommendations that I make, and after 90 days have not increased traffic by 2 to 10 times or more, I'll give you private consultations in excess of the value of the course -- just to get you back on track and get traffic flowing to your site.

Traffic is EASY. All you've got to do is DO IT.



The Truth About Traffic is...

The Truth about traffic can be explained in three easy steps.

  1. Make it abundantly obvious to Google and to people what your site is about.

  2. Get links from other sites pointing to your site.

  3. Repeat step #2.

That's it.

There's no magic. There's no secret. And chances are that if you've ever tried to get traffic to your site before, you're 90% of the way there. Stupid Easy Traffic will take you the rest of the way.

I'll make it EASY. I'll make it PAINLESS. I'll make it FUN. And I'll make it EFFECTIVE.

It's your job to do the simple task of following our step by step instructions.

If your online business is truly important to you, then Stupid Easy Traffic is for you.

Sign Up Now. Join Silver. Join Gold.

To Your Success,

Mark Widawer

--Mark Widawer

P.S. Should you join Silver or Gold? I'd recommend Gold, of course, because it has so much more value built right into it. The most important difference between the two is the "Gettin MORE Done" session. The main gripe I hear from people who try to get traffic to their site, or who are trying to build their sites is that they need help and have no one to turn to.

So this additional interactive webinar system is designed specifically to get those problems resolved -- quickly.

I had a talk the other day with a man who's been waiting 10 months to get his web business going. He has invested tens of thousands of dollars with no results -- except for a list of a few hundred people.

Why is he going so slow?

Because he gets stuck at every step along the way.

When he was describing to me the things he gets stuck on, I was doing a mental inventory of how quickly I could do these same things for him -- if only he'd let me help him.

For him, it's taken several months to put up a squeeze page, and I could have done it in under an hour.

What has that delay cost him?

Tens of Thousands of dollars.

When we deal with traffic, the difference will be just as dramatic.

What's the difference between investing in the wrong coach or the right coach?

It's huge. The right coach is FAR less expensive, even in the short run.

Join Stupid Easy Traffic.

Let me make this easy for you.



"Mark has a God-given gift for explaining things in a simple, step-by-step manner so that even the green beginner can move confidently through to the finish line."

Debra Sale Wendler


"Mark's courses are direct, simple to understand and loaded with valuable information that can be put to use easily for instant results!"

Vicki Miller


"Mark actually stands over your shoulder and shows you how to set up each step. The other guys tell you what should be done but not how to do it."

Jeff Lewis


"Mark isn't selling the latest and greatest technique, he is offering actually to help you do what you need to do to be successful."

Tracie Irvine


"Without the type of mentoring that Mark and his courses offer, there really is no other way to learn this. You can not learn this on your own, there are no schools that really teach you what the Network Guru's know, and implementing SEO's takes a lot of time if you don't know what your doing."

Carmen Kimble


Mark kicks butt on tech. You can remove any doubt anyone has on anything to do with internet marketing tech - not like other internet marketers.

Nic Barrow


"...the best teacher in the internet."



"I can share that I have risked placing my trust and my investment in Mark's company and that the payoff for that investment is now my livelihood. I have learned to offer goods and services to my customers that are substantial and valuable, and they enable those entrepreneurs to build on the success they see in companies like the one Mark has helped me to build."

Mike Webber


"The elements I have applied from the information I have read or learned from Mark have made the difference between a business that lost money and a business which is turning a profit."

Dominique Koukol


"Mark is about as thorough and helpful as it gets. His follow-up is amazing, and he consistently delivers far more than he promises.

I normally have problems with implementation, but everything I have learned from Mark I have put into action. That's why I look forward to the new things he offers."



"Mark's great at covering the nuts and bolts, the How-To of any subject he covers. It's really easy to follow along with clear instruction, and also the big picture - the why of what you're doing, so you understand how it all comes together."

Sherri Goodman


Any marketing program that is run or prescribed by "Mark Widawer" has to be a first-rate success for those who are familiar with Mark's work.

For those of you who have not yet been introduced to him you are in for a treat. He is very through with the necessary materials he covers, leaving nothing out except your imagination.

Fonda Fletcher


Mark Widawer walks his talk. His advice is blunt, down-to-earth and practical - not some abstract suggestion or theory.

For success, model the successful person who tells you the TRUTH and shows you step-by-step techniques - not pie-in-the-sky promises.

Brennan Kingsland and


"Clear and Simple"
"What I love about Mark is not only that he knows his marketing, it's that he's a technical whiz who can still explain things in such a clear and simple way."
If you've got a chance to learn from Mark, take it. "
--Rick Butts
Blog Monetization Expert


"Mark just makes things easier "
--Mike Morgan
Million Dollar Copywriter


"I don't recommend products very often, and when I do, I only save my time and reputation for the very best.
When you spoke at my $5,000 per person seminar, my audience was riveted by what you said, and how clearly you said it.
And the information you gave about Google Analytics, Optimizer and Adwords was spot-on. "
--Simon Leung
Master Adwords Optimizer


"Mark...You have a gift"
Mark, This is the first time I have listened to you. I've been both a trainer/teacher and also the trainee, and I can tell that you have a gift for taking the complicated and reducing it to laymen's language. Thanks for what you've presented so far; looking forward to what is up and coming.
--Gary Tantella


Yes. Mark keeps it SIMPLE!
--Sandy Luoma
Internet Marketer
















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